Intro to Kona, Hawaii

For the past few years I have spent most of my free travel time in the little coastal town of Kona, Hawaii. The initial reason I was interested in visiting Kona was because of an invitation from my dear friend, Roberta, to come visit her and swim with wild Hawaiian Spinner dolphins in the ocean, which she has been doing for over 30 years! After the first visit and dolphin dip, I was hooked. Kona is a true understated Hawaiian gem on the west coast of the Island of Hawaii, or the Big Island. With its pristine and clear water, an abundance of marine life to explore, amazing hikes, waterfalls, valleys and not to mention the active volcano, Kilauea – the Big Island has all the adventures on one rock (lava rock) to cater to any visitor. I highly recommend staying right in Kona in an Airbnb as opposed to staying in the touristy resort area north of town in Waikoloa. Whether you are a thrill seeker, relaxing holiday maker or a bit of both, Kona has it all for you in one little aloha-filled town.

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I’ll be posting further articles with my guides to Kona’s best bars, local food spots and must-do things while you’re on the island.


The Wandering Wahine

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